A conspiracy of fear drives twin sisters in their fight to save the world in a pulse-pounding science fiction adventure by the authors of Exiles.

Nothing in life is to be feared: it is only to be understood.

The Golden State is at war. The Conservators are winning. With an insidious nano reform, they’ve cleaned out cities and upended thousands of Unfortunate lives by controlling a single emotion: inescapable fear.

Billionaire CEO Damon Yates, the only one with the potential clues to stop the threat, has disappeared. Twin sisters Jade and Crys―along with their dedicated crew of Exiles―have fled Los Angeles for a remote Texas hideout and are leading the formidable mission to find him.

Stripped of their life-altering nanobots, however, the sisters struggle to join sides. Jade’s useful fearlessness is gone. And while Crys is happily no longer terrified of her own reflection―or her sister―she still hasn’t found her place outside her old Fortunate life. Divided again, the sisters go their separate ways in search of answers. Now, Crys must learn how to wield fear itself, while Jade desperately seeks to regain her own elusive courage.

But soon the sisters begin to realize they’ll need each other more than ever in order to succeed, because the Conservators’ endgame is more sinister than anyone imagined. They’re not just subjugating the vulnerable; they plan to reshape the world.

A nonstop sci-fi adventure about dreams, disillusionment, and finding salvation in family, Intruders will have you racing through its pages to read the pulse-pounding conclusion to the Exiles series.

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